in review || 2014 YourHub photos

We are nearly twenty days into the shiny new year of 2015. And here for you I present (finally), a little review of the photos I shot for YourHub in 2014. Better late than never. It’s a Monday, so let’s be glass-half-full kind of people and say, at least we haven’t greeted the month of February already! (Is anyone shocked by my tardiness on this cause though? It’s not like we haven’t seen this before.)

I was talking with a colleague last week about YourHub, and my position as a photographer who spends her days working on the hyper-local level of journalism. It isn’t always glamorous in the way I think some people envision this line of work must be, and the stories don’t always get the flashy attention treatment that we see pop up on all our varied social outlets day after day. But in all honesty,  that is what I love about my job. There is tremendous authenticity with the people I meet. They are eager to share their stories, to play a part, to make a difference, to live in these communities they cherish. And I cherish the small role I get to play in their lives.


Skyler Weekes founded Rocky Mountain Barrel Company in 2010.

The Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge is developing a 10-year operational master plan that aims to bring improved visibility and access to the refuge, located in Commerce City, Colorado.

The Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory hosts a series of summer camps fro kids to learn about ecology in Brighton, Colorado.

Kim Taha opened Taha Suri Alpaca Ranch two years ago, and raises just over a dozen alpacas on her property in unincorporated Jefferson County, Colorado.

Aurora currently has 14 community gardens, and is working on developing eight more to open to the public. The city is also looking to obtain more land to develop into more community gardens in the future.


The Tales to Tails literacy program allows children to read to a certified therapy dog, helping reluctant readers gain more confidence at Anythink Wright Farms in Thornton, Colorado.

Maddie and Lakayla Vincent will participate in the Arapahoe County Fair, which starts on July 24.



To see a broader edit of photos both I and my partner, Seth McConnell, shot in 2014, visit our full “best of” gallery. Thanks, all.

10 on 10 || january

Hey, hey, party people. (That’s just something new I’m trying out for this year. It’s also something I’ve decided to no longer try out for this year. Live and learn.)

It’s time for your favorite feature, our monthly installment of 10-on-10. Let’s start with the list of our fair comrades.


I decided to make this month’s post a whole hat tip and salute to the last day of last year, December 31, New Year’s Eve. The one and only. We had the great fortune of being only an hour away from New York City this year, so decided to do it up right and head into the city for the celebration. We booked a hotel room (rewards points for the win!), got train tickets, and trekked on in…

…with about 700 million other people. But I suppose that’s to be expected. We skirted around Times Square with great care, ate some delicious steak in a restaurant that dates back to the 1880s and hangs clay pipes on its ceiling (Buffalo Bill Cody used to frequent the establishment; Colorado west shout out!), then descended into the depths of the city to party with the mole people. Or to catch a subway to Brooklyn. One or the other. You can decide, “Choose Your Own Adventure” style. We saw old friends, popped some champagne, talked about records and turn tables and puppies. It was a really charming way to ring in 2015. Here are some photos! Ten photos to be precise, because that is how it works.

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This was our view at the hotel. Seriously, I thought we stepped into a dream. Gotta love those rewards points programs. (And husbands who wrangle all the info about said rewards points programs so I don’t have to.)

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We almost didn’t make it to midnight.

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Midnight! We made it! 2015!

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And finally, the first light of the new year. I hope you all have an adventurous, happy 2015.

to be resolute…or not || happy new year

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Happy New Year! It’s only January 5, so still counts. You have until the end of week one of any given new year to wish people a Happy New Year, before you’re officially out of vogue. A social faux pas that I actually read about in Vogue if you can believe it. Which you shouldn’t, because I made it all up.

….let’s start over….

Happy New Year! Dan and I have returned from the east coast. We spent the last week venturing around his home town — and were even brave enough to venture into New York City on New Year’s Eve while I had a head cold (more on that later) — sleeping in, eating pizza and bagels, and visiting with friends and family. It was a pretty nice way to give a final salute to 2014. I have a 10-on-10 post coming up with photos and tales from those travels, but first I wanted to check in and say hey, hi and hello to you all. It’s been too long. I go back and forth on whether I’m a New Year’s Resolution kind of person (because I think any day is a good day to decide to embark on new goals and personal development, why does it have to happen because the calendar changes over?), but despite that indecision I am going to attempt to renew my blogging efforts in 2015. The past several months have not been prolific ones for my ol’ blog here, and that makes me a little sad. So prepare yourself for a few end-of-2014 posts, best-of-2014 posts, a little recap of our November trip to Berlin and Prague (I’m so terribly behind, dear ones), et al.

So hang tight, everyone! And enjoy this frosted window pane photo I snapped during a deep freeze at our house.

High fives for good luck! (It may be time to step away from the leftover Christmas sweets that are overflowing around the office today…)

10 on 10 || december

Oh December, you have arrived in such a hurry. What’s the rush, I ask you? When you’re just a kiddo, December and all the best holiday festivities seem to be forever in the future. Never quite arriving. As if you will just be waiting for Christmas to arrive for the rest of all time. Then you grow up. And with adulthood comes a vortex in the time-space continuum which effectively means you will never be able to slow down time again. Months will just fly by you without warning. You will be carving up a pumpkin for your doorstep, setting out pounds of candy for the trick-or-treaters, when suddenly a snowman shows up on your doorstep with twinkle lights in hand. It’s possible I’ve had too much coffee as of the writing of this post, but then again, is there such a thing as too much coffee? Prepare your nine-part answer and get back to me.

The point is, here we are. The last month of 2014, a year that proved to be a real beauty. And frankly, there is no better way to top off a year than the with the month of December. Lots of hot chocolate and time well spent with friends and family. Holiday parties and twinkle lights. Celebrations and Christmas trees.

This past weekend we adhered to our age-old, family tradition of driving up a mountain and cutting down our Christmas trees. Trees plural now, because we all live in our own little homes. I documented the whole endeavor for the last-of-2014, 10-on-10 extravaganza.

But first! Check in with these fine, photo folk and give them a tip of your woolen cap.


OK, here we go!

1010 december-2293
1010 december-2309
1010 december-2322
1010 december-2317
1010 december-2285
1010 december-2326
1010 december-2339
1010 december-2342
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1010 december-2346
Happy holidays, one and all!
And to all, a good night.

10 on 10 || november

Where would we be without these 10-on-10 posts, friends? Well, we’d be a vacant blog, that’s what. All boarded up with a No Trespassing sign plastered to the entrance. Yikes!

Autumn is always an introspective season for me. Spring is often considered the time to clear out the cobwebs and start fresh. But I think Autumn inspires that feeling in me. Something about reaching the last few months of the year, makes me look back and consider what I have (or have not) accomplished. It makes me think more concretely about what direction to take next. What move might be ahead. All the changing colors around me, the shedding of the old to hibernate in the cold and spring forth anew, inspires a bit of personal change as well. It’s beautiful.

So for this month’s 10-on-10, I give you one last look at the autumn we had this year. It was a warm and lingering one. Really quite perfect. Full of brilliant colors and corn mazes and more warmth. I hope you enjoy this last look. Because as you read, we in Colorado are beginning winter, finally. Snow and cold and flurries and freezing are ahead. Here we go!

But before all that… take a look at these fellow 10-on-10ers and see what they’ve been up to this fine October. Give them a clink of your hot chocolate mug and settle in for the winter.