Hardrock 100 || San Juan Mountains

There are people in this world who hear of a 100-mile endurance race (ahem, 100.5-miles — it’s that last half mile that will really get you), and decide that they are the kind of person who can conquer that 100-mile, up-mountains-down-mountains-through-freezing-creeks-and-bug-clouds-on-gravel-and-dirt-and-roadways, endurance race, and come out the other side triumphant.

I am not one of those people. But we met several of them two weekends ago in the San Juan Mountains while Dan covered the Hardrock 100. I tagged along for the ride. But though I wasn’t on the clock, I did have a few different cameras at hand. I took some photos. These aren’t just running photos. In fact, most of them aren’t running photos. We were in the beautiful San Juan Mountains, a part of Colorado I hadn’t spent much time in previously. Little mountain towns, nature abounding all over the place. These are those photos. Those are these photos. Those are both awkward sentences.

So…to the photos!


Yeah, we brought the white turtle all over the mountains, not to mention the most killer, two-foot tall speed bumps I’ve ever seen. And she survived! Like a warrior, our little Prius. No really.







Them bugs were diabolical.



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I wanted to steal adopt, this fellow. Mountain dogs are the best dogs.

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Kelsey & Zach || wedding photography

Wedding editing. Not an easy phrase to say. Especially after a visit to the dentist which included the numbing of half your face. A phenomenon I have never experienced, barring that time in my youth when I had all four wisdom teeth removed. Which is another story for another time and has nothing to do with wedding photography at all. Wow, five sentences in and I’ve driven us off the map. Is it the weekend yet? ALMOST! (Seriously, longest week ever. One day I’ll sleep and that will be a grand moment.)

The point is, we photographed a wedding for dear Kelsey and Zach a few weeks ago and I’m editing through their wedding photos, and loving them and being very grateful that we get to work with so many amazing couples on their very special days. So here are three photos from the take that I’m excited about and wanted to share with you to cap off this week.

20140627-kelsey zach 25 ae3

20140627-kelsey zach 25 ae2

20140627-kelsey zach 25 ae1

This flower girl was the most absolute delight of a flower girl I ever have seen. And yes, “most absolute” is redundant and unnecessary. But look at her. So sweet.

Have a grand weekend, you people.

on the road || colorado countrysides

Colorado has my heart like no other place ever will.

This past weekend, DP and I drove around a chunk of the southwestern part of the state as he covered the Hardrock 100 Endurance Run.  I have way more to say on the subject. But to get an idea about what exactly an “endurance run” is, click on that link and read Dan’s story. He did a fine job of writing about the event (a 48-hour event for some — I mean, what?!).

But, I will save all that for another post later this week. For now, I have these few photos that I shot while on the road over the past few days.

Colorado. You make my heart sing. Keep on doing what you’re doing.

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10 on 10 || july

Hello and welcome! Somehow, someway we have already completed one full year of our 10-on-10, collaborative project. Applause for all that have been with us for this past year, and a hearty coffee cheers to all of you who are joining us for the first time in “10-on-10: Year Two.” I am very happy and excited to kick off a second year.

When Courtney Zerizef first approached me to join this project way back in May 2013, I felt pretty certain I would only be involved for one year. A nice little, 12-month package. But then 2014 rolled around, we quickly arrived at the one-year anniversary mark, and Courtney asked everyone if they wanted to commit to another year, or bow out gracefully. I pondered the options and ultimately decided this was a project I wanted and needed in my blogging life. It keeps me on task when it comes to the ol’ A/E blog. I will admit that on some months, the 10-on-10 post is the only post to appear in an entire long month in this little space. Mostly this is a reflection on my horrible blogging habits (insert sheepish face here), but in a more positive light, I think it’s a fantastic testament to the beauty of a collaborative project such as this. It keeps us all honest. It keeps us accountable. And it makes us pause once a month, and take inventory of how we’re spending our time each and every month. For me, it’s forced me to make sure I’m taking at least one day a month to photograph something purely personal. In the rushrushrush working world I occupy, taking a camera out with me to photograph my own life has become more essential the further into my career I go. It’s so easy to think of photography just as my job, and not as a wonderful gift I’ve been given. This project helps keep me grateful. How can you pass up an opportunity to be part of a group that does all that? I ask you!

So here we are. Year two. A few of our inaugural members declined to take on a second year. And in their stead, Courtney recruited a few new members. So please give a wave and throw a happy high five to all the new and old photogs who participate. Their links are right here:

And now, to my July 2014, 10-on-10 post!

For those who are new visitors to my blog — HI! A few things about me: I live in beautiful Denver, Colorado. I am a photographer for the local section of the Denver Post. I drink (probably too) much coffee. (It comes with the journalism territory. See this instagram photo here.)

As a working journalist gal, I have the awesome pleasure of being a member of the nation’s oldest press club. (You go, Denver.) Every Wednesday, the Denver Press Club offers a $6 burger-and-fries special. So a few weeks ago, we walked on over and enjoyed the beauty of a six-dollar meal. Instead of shooting on my trusty fancy phone, or lugging along the big DSLR beasts I usually have slung over each shoulder, I broke out my Fujifilm Instax camera. I don’t use this little fellow much. However, I’ve been experimenting more and more with film these days, so thought it was a great opportunity to do so. Not all the results were very pretty. But that’s just part of the process right? Practice, practice, practice.

denver press c 01

denver press c 02

denver press c 05

denver press c 03

 denver press c 04

Next time you fancy folk are in Denver, I’ll take you over. We can sit at the bar, chat with Bartender Will (a gem of a person), and if it’s winter, we can sit by the most perfect fireplace in all the lands.

And if you have managed to make it through this long blog post, I will buy the first round. Thanks for reading!

the fourth || independence day

This video is technically from last night — Independence Day Eve (not quite as fun as Christmas Eve, because no tree or twinkle lights or sugar cookies; then again, there are fireworks and loud explosions, so what do I know) — but it seemed like the kind of thing that should be shared here. On this little A/E blog of mine. This specific video was taken from the tenth floor of the Denver Post building as we watched the annual fireworks show launch from the Denver City and County Building. It was loud and the smoke blew right into us, but we had a jolly time. Look at this photo Daniel shot. You can’t really go wrong with that view on a warm night in this great city.

For all you fine folks, I hope you have safe, happy holidays. Don’t light anything on fire that isn’t supposed to be on fire. Whether you’re waving a flag, eating some fruit salad, throwing a horseshoe (a safe distance away from your loved ones hopefully), lighting a sparkler (also safely away from loved ones), making some ice cream, or all the above, have a rocking fourth!